RESESPEEZES (Pronounced Reeses Pieces) is all about sharing the latest trendy PEEZES of Fashion and Beauty.  Keeping you connected with what's trending and what's hot!  PEEZES chosen to fit any budget.  PEEZES that will define your individual style.  RESESPEEZES is an Atlanta based store.  Each PEEZE is hand-selected by the owner-operator to ensure the highest regard to style, individuality and quality.  RESESPEEZES invites you to share in our PEEZES of a dream to bring the hottest trends right to your front door.  PEEZES sell fast and trends move quickly.  New inventory is added weekly.  Don't miss out on your PEEZES!


All designer monogram items are legally purchased with date codes, stamps, and serial numbers and re-purposed/upcycled from salvageable designer canvas.  Each piece is hand cut 1 of a kind made in house.  We can do custom orders for any of the jewelry pieces listed that are in or out of stock.
*****Disclaimer:  Although we recycle authentic designers bags, Resespeezes DOES NOT sell licensed Louis Vuitton, Gucci, MCM, Fendi of Christian Dior products.